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What To Do (And Not Do) After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Getting the most out of your chiropractic adjustment means knowing what you should do afterwards. Luckily, fitting these things into your day isn’t hard. Many of the tips in this article are common sense, such as: drink water, get adequate rest, stay active, and...

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Causes and Treatment for Thoracic Spondylosis

There are three different portions of the spine: lumbar (lower back), thoracic (middle back), and cervical (neck). Each of these areas is susceptible to degradation and damage, but some more than others. Spondylosis can affect all three spinal sections, but we’ll...


6 Signs You’re Seeing a Good Chiropractor

Finding good health care seems to be a losing battle for some. Whether it’s a physician, dentist, or chiropractor, there will always be those who are better at their jobs than others. Health care is such an important part of our lives that you shouldn’t have to...

Hip Misalignment Symptoms? Take This Hip Alignment Test

Many people think that one of their legs is shorter than the other or that they have scoliosis when what they really have is misaligned hips. It can be difficult to tell the difference between these things unless you know what to look for. Hip misalignment symptoms...

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral to See a Chiropractor?

There are all sorts of strange beliefs floating around out there about chiropractors. Some people think you should only see a chiropractor after you’ve suffered an injury. Others believe that chiropractic care isn’t based on science. Luckily, both these assumptions...

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Whiplash?

Whiplash makes it painfully clear how much we use our necks. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, have taken a nasty fall, or have whiplash from a sports injury, it can make sleeping seem impossible. Luckily, it’s very possible to get a good night’s sleep with...

How Long Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Last?

How Long Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Last?

Chiropractic adjustments are a mystery to many people. For most, it’s a matter of getting rid of the pain their back or neck is causing. But many people wonder how long that pain relief is expected to last. In other words, they want to know how long a chiropractic...

Pinched nerve healing signs

Signs Your Pinched Nerve is Healing

Pinched nerves are no fun. If you’ve ever had one (or you think you have one now), you know just how bad they can be. Sometimes the pain is persistent. Other times it’s intermittent. Either way, you’ll want to know whether it’s getting better or worse. And the best...

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